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Dated: December 06, 2017

Circular No. 2015-17/43      



Dear Residents of Greater Kailash-II


We, the Election Committee , in exercise of the powers vested upon us by the RWA vide their letters dated 06.02.2017 & 23.11.2017and the Constitution Of GKII Welfare Association, hereinafter referred to as ‘Constitution’, hereby issue code of conduct and procedure for the GK-II Welfare Association. Our endevour is to conduct free and fare elections.


The elections to the GKIIWA for the Term 2017-2019 (i.e. the term would end on 31.03.2019) shall be held on 24/12/2017 at Arya Samaj Mandir, GKII, New Delhi. The Timings for Voting would be from 09:30 AM to 2:00 PM.


  1. Appointment of RO and Co-RO: As is known, the elections scheduled to be held earlier on 16.04.2017 for this term could not be held due to the unfortunate circumstances, the RO and CO- RO appointed, then have since resigned. This has necessitated the appointment of new Returning Officer and Co Returning Officer which have to be non partisan, independent and educated. After due deliberations, we are pleased to appoint Sh.H S KALRA as RO and Sh. Avadhesh Mathur as Co-RO for the Conduct of these elections to the RWA.

In order to ensure transparency and free and fair elections, the new team of RO and Co-RO would act according to the code of conduct as laid down in accordance with the Constitution.  Since it is a new process with new RO and Co-RO, all the decisions taken by the earlier teams would stand redundant and null and void.


  1. Finalization of Voter List: The Voter List, frozen as on 28.02.17, will be the basis for this election. This list has been provided to us by the RWA, duly authenticated by the outgoing General Secretary as per the Constitution.  This list is displayed at the RWA Office at E-124, 3RD Floor, GK-II, New Delhi. Any omissions or objections may please be pointed to the RWA in writing in their Office by 11.12.2017 by 5:00 pm.


The Final Voters List after amendments, approved by the Election Committee and given to the RO/Co-RO would be the basis for this election and no corrections or amendment would be entertained thereafter. Only voters in this final list would be allowed to contest and cast their votes. One person can cast only one vote.


  1. Elections Schedule and Programme:


  1. Receipt of Nominations-From 12.12.17 TO 14.12.17(3Days) between 11.30 am to 2.00 pm
  2. Withdrawal of Nominations-15.12.17 by 1:00 pm
  3. Scrutiny of Nominations and Final List of Contestants- 15.12.17 by 4:00 pm.
  4. Voting -24.12.2017 between 09:30 am to 2:00 pm at Arya Samaj Mandir, GKII, New Delhi.
  5. Counting of Votes- 24.12.2017 after completion of Voting and announcement of results.


  1. Procedure and eligibility for Nominations etc. The entire process of filing of nominations, withdrawals and final scrutiny etc would be held in the office of the RWA at 3rd Floor, E-124, GKII, New Delhi. The nominations forms can be collected from RWA Office.


The Contestants would be required to file nominations accompanied by the Proposer and Seconder in person in the RWA Office, along with the necessary documents of proof of residence and identity, any out of Aadhar Card, Passport and Election I Card. The Contestant, the Proposer and Seconder should be valid members of the Association and their name should   be          in the Final Voters list. Contestants for Block Secretary and Representatives should have Proposers and Seconders from the same block. The candidate would need to sign on the register along with the Proposer and Seconder in order to maintain transparency and fairness.


No Member of the GKIIWA who has been a member of the executive committee for 2 terms (viz. 4 years) for the same post can file his nomination for the same post. He can however, file his nomination for a different post. He should be 18 years and above and should not have been declared insolvent by any court of law.


The RO and Co-RO would receive these nominations and conduct the entire process in the RWA              Office only. The contestants are strictly advised to desist from visiting the RO and Co-RO and Election Committee members at their residences in connection with any election related work or procedure etc.


The candidates are advised to apprise themselves of the Constitution which is available in the RWA Directory of 2017 (Latest) from pages 114 to 122.


Scrutiny of Nominations received shall be done and final list prepared by 15.12.2017 as stated above. The Contestants teams would be allotted Team Colors mutually acceptable thereafter.


  1. Voting Timings and Casting of Votes :


  1. The election voting time is 09:30 am to 2:00 pm and the entry for the Elections would be closed at 2:00 pm sharp. However the voters inside the Mandir Premises and in queue and waiting to cast vote shall be allowed to cast their vote. However, the Voters are requested not to wait till the last minute i.e. 2:00 pm and instead reach the election venue much before 2:00 pm. to comfortably cast their vote.


  1. No Proxy voting shall be allowed and voters have to be physically present. For identification and verification, they must carry proof of residence/identity. Any one of Original Aadhar Card, Original Voters ID Card or Original Passport would need to be shown for issue of ballot paper and casting of vote.


  1. An indelible ink mark would be applied on the left index finger. The voters are requested to exit the voting hall immediately after casting the vote.


  1. The handicapped and very old frail voters would be given preference for casting their vote.


  1. Counting of Ballots and Announcement of Result: Post Voting of Ballots, the Counting will begin in the presence of two members of each team who would be authorized by their respective Presidential Candidates, who would not interfere with the counting and not create any hindrance.

The counting of the votes by the RO/Co-RO shall commence tentatively at 3.00 pm in presence of the Candidates & their representatives. The result shall be declared by the RO and Co-RO after satisfactory completion of the counting.








         Sd/-                                                                                                                                              Sd/-

Ashok Gulati                                                                                                                  Tapan Mukherjee

(Member Election Committee)                                                                                 (Member Election Committee)

Circular No. 043/2015-17
Sanjay Rana


Sanjay Rana is a qualified engineer, running a successful Export business of top of the line packing and designer and wedding cards

He has been working selflessly towards the betterment of the colony. His deep intense dedication to help keeps him only a phone call away. He will lead the team GK -2 to new heights.

Shadi Ram Sharma


Shadi Ram Sharma studied in U.K. and was the youngest Chairman of Community Relations Council Wolverhampton U.K. He was the founder member of both DAV Public School & Dental College Yamuna Nagar Haryana.

He is a retired Engineer & has been residing in GK-2 for the past 30 years, devoting his time for social welfare of Forum for welfare of senior citizens and has been playing an active role in the development of M Block Tikona Park, GK-2.

Urmila Yadav


She is a multifaceted and enterprising modern woman, who cares for the society and our environment. A postgraduate by qualification , a former teacher and currently an Artist by profession.

She is also the convener of AIKGA (All India Kitchen Garden association). As environment and sustainability are closer to her heart so she believes that we should pass on a better and more livable city to our future generations.

Rupinder Kaur Dhillon


A resident of GK2 for the past forty years, Mrs. Dhillon worked in school for 28 yrs. Her vast experi- ence in diverse activities during her career includes, having organised several Nukkad Nataks highlighting evils in society like tobacco, drug abuse & alcohol etc.

Mrs. Dhillon has been actively participating in / organising several seminars / workshops & the world congress on role of mentally challenged personnel in our society. She has been associated with the Red Cross Society of India and St. John Ambulance.

Ritu Khurana


Ritu is a graduate from Delhi University & Prayag Samiti (Allahabad). She is a professional Vocalist & Stage Coach for the last 15 years . She is a specialist in developing children’s personality through Indian Vocal Music.

She belongs to high profile professional family. Loves creating harmony with music.

Sikander Lal Pahwa


Sikander Lal Pahwa is a postgraduate and has gained a degree in Law. His education has played a major role to transform him into a successful businessman and a great philanthropist! His humility and kindness are his forte.

He is the President of “Smt. Subhash Pahwa Memorial Education Society (Regd.)” and under its aegis has run a school by the name: JAGRITI THE BANYAN TREE SCHOOL in Gurgaon for underprivileged children.

Vineet K Gupta


Vineet Gupta is one of the youngest Directors on board of Ajnara group. He is a management graduate from Delhi University, and a firm believer in quality implementation. His expertise in the field of infrastructure development has led his esteemed company to revolutionary heights.

He has been a successfully elected member of RWA for two terms wherein he has worked persistently to upgrade Sehgal Market-2 Park and developed sports activities.

Deepak Jhaveri


Deepak Jhaveri is a businessman in electronics industry with experience of over 40 years, having worked with multinationals like Whirlpool, Eureka Forbes, Bluestar, NEC-Japan, etc. His father was also the President of GK-2 WA.

Deepak is very dedicated and has appreciation for moral values and culture. Furthermore, with experience of running and managing a company pan India, he has the leadership skills required to get the job done.

Ashwani Kapur


Ashwani Kapur has been a resident of GK-2 for the past forty years. Hailing from an Engineering and Management background, he has a distinguished career having served with leading industrial houses. He is a dedicated social worker, and has been actively associated for the welfare of the senior citizens of our colony.

He contributed for the development of S block park, PNG lines in S block. He believes in team spirit and fellowship.

Gaurav Gupta


Gaurav is a chartered accountant with over 2 decades of experience in industrial manufacturing, international taxation advisory, regulatory compliance advisory and M&A transaction advisory. In 2008 he joined KPMG in Delhi as a member of the international taxation team (transfer pricing). Since 2015 Gaurav is partner with Punkaj Oswal & Company, heading the firm’s M&A practice.

He is an alumnus of Mayo College Ajmer and Dulwich College London. Residing in GK-2 since 1977, he and his family have been associated with the GK-2 Arya Samaj for nearly 4 decades (3 generations). He is committed to contribute towards the colony’s welfare with impeccable levels of integrity as would be expected from a seasoned professional with his background/ record.

Kanika Gangahar


Kanika is a young and dynamic leader. A post graduate in Insurance Management she is working successfully as a risk manager in Financial Services Organisation She believes that we need to be sensitive and empathetic to everyone (all age groups) in our community, especially for the elders living around us. Give them back what they gave us in first place, with the same warmth and affection.

Vijay Singh Bishnoi


Vijay Singh Bishnoi, runs a business of Real Estate Development and Investment Advisory. Being an Agriculturalist by virtue of family, throughout his career, he has been actively working as an Ecologist with an ideology of giving a better environment to the public.

He was also elected as a member of Akhil Bhartiya Bishnoi Mahasabha, India. He has been residing in GK-2 for over 33 years and has been a prominent face, socially, since then.

Sangita Arora (Ruby)


Sangita (Ruby) is a housewife and graduated in Bachelor of Science from Calcutta University. In her leisure time, she coaches students from both underprivileged & well-off backgrounds in Mathematics, as teaching has always been her passion.

She firmly believes that one doesn’t always have to be in power to make a difference in the world. She has been residing in GK-2 since 2002 and has been very socially active ever since.

Samit Arora


With around 20 years of experience, Samit has worked in esteemed organizations like Eicher, PWC, Tata Consultancy Services and IBM. In his last role he was the Country Manager, Public Sector, IBM Software, in India. Samit is a BE and MBA by qualification. An optimistic, versatile and high-spirited individual, Samit displays an extra-ordinary zeal to work towards the welfare of all the citizens residing in GK-2.

He believes that each individual should contribute to the welfare of the society in whatever small way he can.